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Buchanan and Pierce Ballot of 1856
buchanan pierce ballot 1856

As the Democrats convened in Cincinnati, Ohio in June 1856, James Buchanan was the front-runner for the nomination, ahead of incumbent President Franklin Pierce and Senator Stephen Douglas of Illinois. When the final votes were tallied, Buchanan was nominated and John C. Breckenridge of Kentucky was chosen for Vice President. In the November election, Buchanan defeated his Republican rival John Fremont by a popular vote advantage of just over 500,000 votes and an electoral margin of 60. From this presidential election held almost 158 years ago, we offer a genuine electoral ticket promoting James Buchanan and John Breckinridge. This ticket displays jugate portraits of both candidates flanking an inscription, “Our Principle: The Constitution. The sovereignty and equality of the States; the repeal of the Missouri restriction; the people of the territories in forming state governments to adopt their own institutions.” Below is a list of electors from each congressional district in Virginia, and the instruction “write your name on the back of the ticket”. On the reverse, the name of the voter is signed in ink, indicating that it was actually taken to a polling place and cast as a ballot on Election Day. This electoral ticket (ballot) ranks as one of the most elaborate. It was designed by the engraver Ritchie & Dunnavant of Richmond, Virginia, who later produced currency for the Confederate government. We offer this historic electoral ticket (ballot), which reminds the voter that Election Day is Tuesday, November 4, 1856. It measures approximately 4.5” x 7.25”, is hand trimmed and in very nice condition. This great political memento is priced at only…
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