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Our Manager, Craig Harwell has personally been collecting coins for over 55 years, starting as a young boy learning about money from his grandfather. By the age of 4, Craig had learned the stories behind the pictures and faces on every denomination of U.S. currency up to the $100 bill. The following year, he began assembling his Lincoln cent collection from his “Papa’s” change. Although his grandfather died when Craig was only six, he stimulated an interest in coins and collecting that has lasted a lifetime.

At the age of 17 (just as he was about to start his first job at McDonald’s) Craig received a job offer at Foothill Coins in Tujunga, CA. Two and a half years later, he purchased a 25% share of the business. In 1985 Foothill Coins was sold to American Coin Company, with Craig included in the deal. Then in 1989, the business was sold to Continental Coins in Van Nuys, CA, and once again Craig was included as part of the negotiations. Foothill Coins continued to operate as a subsidiary of Continental Coins. In 1998, in joint venture with an esteemed colleague in Orange County, Craig helped form Valley View Coins & Collectibles, which then purchased Foothill Coins within a month.

Valley View Coins and Collectibles is a continuation of the Foothill Coin tradition, offering unique coins and collectibles at reasonable prices. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service. As you browse through our website, you will find an almost unending array of coins and collectibles.

Enjoy the treasure hunt!