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Japan vs. Russia War Medal (1904-5)
japan vs russia war medal

On February 8, 1904, Japan declared war on Russia because of Russian encroachment in Korea, and the Russian occupation of Manchuria. Taking the offensive, Japanese naval units attacked Russian warships at Chemulpo and Port Arthur, and blockaded the Russian Asiatic ports. After driving the Russian troops out of Korea, and defeating the Russians at Port Arthur and Mukden, Japanese Admiral Togo destroyed the Russian Baltic fleet in May 1905. A treaty of “truce” was arranged by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt and was signed on September 5, 1905. To honor those Japanese military personnel who participated in this conflict, a war medal was established by the Imperial edict (#51) on March 31, 1906. We offer this over one century old Japanese war medal while our limited supply lasts for only…
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