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Japanese WWII Medal
japanese wwii medal

Referred to by the Japanese as the China Incident War Medal, it is more commonly known as the Japanese War II Medal. On July 7, 1937 an incident near Peiping in China started an undeclared war which cost hundreds of thousands of lives and was finally terminated by the Japanese surrender in 1945. The obverse of this medal shows “Yata-No-Karasu” on crossed Army and Navy flags with rays of light and a chrysanthemum crest above. The reverse displays mountains, clouds and waves representing Northern China, Central China and the Yellow Sea. The ribbon, made of pure silk, is colored blue, representing the sea and the Navy, light blue signifying the sky and Air Force, tan, for the Army and dark pink representing the blood stained soil of China. In addition, a bright red signifies blood and loyalty. This Japanese WWII medal is available for only...
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