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Hitler Youth Uniform Button
hitler youth uniform button

Adolph Hitler felt it was extremely important to “influence” the thinking of Germany’s youth and he was able to accomplish systemic mind corruption through his “Hitler Youth” program, also known as Hitlerjugend.  Hitler viewed youth as “Aryan Supermen” and recognized their place in the future of his infamous Third Reich.  Under the Hitler Youth program, youngsters at a very young age were instructed on both anti-church thinking and anti-Semitism.  Rather than academia, they were instructed in physical and military training.  The Hitlerjugend maintained training academies comparable to preparatory schools, where programs were designed to nurture future Nazi Party leaders.  All of this thankfully came to an end in 1945, with the defeat of Germany.  From the “spoils” of the Third Reich, we have obtained a limited number of Hitler Youth uniform buttons.  Brown in color and made of bakelite, the obverse of each button possesses the letters HJ (Hitlerjugend) and DJ (Deutches Jungvolk) in a tortoise-shell design.  The reverse is RZM marked and is holed for threading.  We offer this button, reminiscent of a dark period in human history, as follows:
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