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The Arbeitsbuch – A Mandatory Employment Workbook
arbeitsbudh mandatory employment workbook

For Adolph Hitler’s Nazi regime to function, one of the key ingredients was controlling the masses. To control Germany’s labor force during the Third Reich, Hitler initiated the Arbeitsbuch, a mandatory employment record book. Each Arbeitsbuch listed the name of the individual along with pertinent information such as date of birth and birthplace. From this point, the Arbeitsbuch became a government-mandated resume. When a German citizen took a new job, his/her employer wrote down information in the Arbeitsbuch about the job and its location. This way, the government could also track movement of its citizenry. No German could hold a job without showing an Arbeitsbuch and penalties were in force for violators. We offer this German “Internal Passport” used during the Nazi era. Each booklet contains 38 pages, measures 5.75 inches by 4.25 inches, and is in excellent condition. Now approximately 70 years old, this Arbeitsbuch is priced at only…
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