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Alexander The Great Tetradrachms
Alexander The Great Tetradrachms

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Alexander the Great’s astonishing overthrow of the greatest empire of his day, and the important political and economic changes have made a profound impression on the history of the world. In 336 B.C., his father Phillip II was preparing to expand the Greek Empire when he was assassinated. With lighting quick military advances and brilliant military strategy, Alexander the Great consolidated power in Greece. Two years after his father’s death, in 334 B.C. he was proclaimed leader of Greece. As leader of Greece his first major battle was against the Persian Empire. In this David versus Goliath struggle, the Persian Empire was pushed back, defeated, destroyed and scattered. The leader of the Persian Empire, Darius, and his ablest generals were defeated over and over again until Alexander the Great conquered a vast territory stretching all the way to India. It was an extraordinary achievement, perhaps the greatest series of military victories in the history of mankind. All of this was accomplished before his premature death at the age of 32. Not only was Alexander the Great a superb general and soldier, but also a brilliant economist as well. One of the reasons for the success of his empire was the fact that the economy was based on silver and gold, dug from mines in dozens of different lands, which were minted, by hand, into coinage. We offer a nice Very Fine silver Tetradrachm of Alexander the Great at only…

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