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“Life, Liberty and Landon”
“Life, Liberty and Landon”

The Republican slogan for the 1936 Presidential campaign was “Life, Liberty and Landon”. At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Alf Landon was nominated on the first ballot with 984 votes to 19 for Senator William Borah of Idaho. Newspaper publisher Frank Knox of Illinois was nominated for Vice President. Winning in November would prove to be an insurmountable feat for Landon. His Democratic rival was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Landon would lose to Roosevelt in November by over 11 million popular votes and an electoral tally of 523 for Roosevelt and 8 for Landon. We have obtained a small quantity of Landon-Knox jugates (picturing both President and Vice President). Most Landon-Knox jugate buttons sell at $100.00 or more, however, we can offer you this nice 7/8-inch G.O.P. button from Landon’s presidential campaign for only…
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