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Mixed Lot Fruit Crate Labels- Beautiful!
Mixed Lot Fruit Crate Labels- Beautiful!

The long history of these beautiful lithographic fruit crate labels began in the 1880’s. As a means of advertising, growers pasted labels on the ends of wooden crates to identify the contents, place of origin and the packer’s name. Primarily made in California, Oregon and Washington for oranges, lemons, apples and grapes, the use of these labels reached its peak in the 1940’s. By the mid 1950’s, after nearly 70 years of existence as advertising pieces, these beautiful and colorful labels along with their wooden crates were discontinued, replaced by pre-printed cardboard boxes. Through a very fortunate purchase, we are able to offer a selection of these attractive labels, all in near mint to mint condition and all over a half-century old. We have seen these same labels offered at antique shops at upwards of $20.00 each, but we can offer them to you at a tenth of this price in the following lot mixtures. Don’t delay, our stock is limited!

OPTIONS (choose below):
Shamrock Label Pictured: $4.95
25 Different Labels (our choice): $49.50
50 Different Labels (our choice): $99.50
Our Lowest Price: $4.95

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