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Cigar Box Labels: Art and Americana!
Cigar Box Labels:  Art and Americana!

Displaying a unique combination of both art and Americana, these outer box cigar labels of yesteryear offer a spectacular glimpse into a very flamboyant period in United States history. Produced as early as the 1870’s and as late as the early 1930’s, these brilliantly colored and lavishly designed cigar labels reflect the enthusiasm of a gilded age when attention to detail and pride of workmanship was uncompromised. Made during the zenith of cigar smoking in the United States, manufacturers designed these labels to advertise and promote their products.

Using stunning colors, often embossed and richly highlighted with gold colored borders, the goal was to outshine the competition. Each of these labels measures approximately 4” x 4” and is a work of art suitable for framing. We have assembled groups of these beautifully designed outer box labels and have priced them at a small percentage of catalog values. These picture labels grade near mint to mint condition and will have a minimum catalog value of $10.00 each.

Each mixture will be hand selected for quality and quantity and will contain labels of our choice. We guarantee you will be delighted with the selection.

Over $100.00 Catalog value -- $39.50!
Over $250.00 Catalog value -- $89.50!
Over $500.00 Catalog value -- $169.50!
Over $1,000.00 Catalog value -- $295.00!
Our Lowest Price: $39.50

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