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XF Bronze Ancient Coin - Gratian (367-383 A.D.)
gratian bronze ancient coin

Gratian (Flavius Gratianus) was the son of Valentinian I and his first wife, Severa. He became emperor at the age of seven and “ruled” jointly with his father until the latter’s death in 375 A.D. With the death of Valentinian I, Gratian, still a teenager, ascended to the throne as joint ruler with his Uncle Valens and his four year old half brother, Valentinian II. Gratian ruled the West, Valens the East, and Valentinian II was given the title Augustus nominally. When Valens was killed at Hadrianopolis in 378 A.D., Gratian elevated Theodosius to be Augustus in the East. Gratian was killed five years later, in 383 A.D. We offer a nice XF Bronze coin of Gratian (367-383 A.D.).
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