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1/2 Reale Treasure Coin from the Wreakage of “El Cazador”
El cazador coin

On January 11, 1784, the Spanish brigantine of war, El Cazador, sailed from Vera Cruz, Mexico, to New Orleans carrying 480,000 pesos of newly minted silver coins. The King of Spain, Carlos III (1759-1788), had intended the immense cargo of silver coins on board El Cazador to be used to redeem the nearly worthless Spanish paper currency then in circulation in Spanish-owned Louisiana. El Cazador never made its destination. The vessel and her crew sank into the winter seas, disappearing without a trace. Without these silver coins to solidify the Spanish monetary system in colonial North America, the King of Spain was forced to sell or trade Louisiana. In 1800, a reluctant King Carlos IV (1788-1808) conveyed Louisiana to France’s Napoleon. Three years later, in 1803, Emperor Napoleon sold Louisiana to President Thomas Jefferson for $15 million. The demise of the El Cazador changed the course of U.S. history. On August 2, 1993, the wrecksite of El Cazador was discovered by Captain Jerry Murphy of the fishing vessel “Mistake”, 209 years after sinking into the ocean. We offer an authentic sea salvaged Spanish 1/2 Reale treasure coin from the wreckage of the “El Cazador”, housed in an attractive presentation holder.

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