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Rare Harry S. Truman / Barkley Campaign Button
truman barkley button

The life of Harry Truman, our 33rd President, was one of two extremes. As a youth, he was fragile and wore thick expensive glasses, and reportedly never got into a fistfight. According to Truman, “I was kind of a sissy. If there was any danger of getting into a fight, I always ran.” His adult life was quite to the contrary. He matured and became supremely confident of his own judgment. He went on to become a judge, a U.S. Senator, Vice President and then President of the United States upon the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 1948, few Democrats believed Truman could be elected president in his own right. In fact, many liberals, including Senator Claude Pepper of Florida and the sons of the late F.D.R., set out to dump Truman from the ticket. Truman was, however, unaffected, and he easily won nomination on the first ballot. In the presidential election, few believed that Truman could beat the Republican Dewey, but after the November 2, 1948, election, it was the confident Truman who was victorious to the surprise of many. Because Truman’s campaign was so underfinanced, buttons of his campaign are quite scarce and are thus pricey. We usually offer this near mint 7/8” Truman-Barkley button for $49.50 but due to a special purchase, it can be yours for only ...
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