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Near Mint Condition Comic Books- 20 Different
Near Mint Condition Comic Books- 20 Different

While comedic story pictures have been around since the 17th century, the first known comic was printed in 1825 in Gasglow Scotland. American comic books became very popular in the 1920’s and, while their art form has changed with modern technical advances, their popularity remains constant. We have made a
fortunate purchase of near mint condition comic books from the 1970’s. Examples of our purchase: from Marvel Comics, we have titles such as “The Tomb or Dracula”, “John Carter Warlord of Mars”, “Kull the Destroyer” and “Machine Man- the Living Robot”. DC Comics brings us, “Demons”, “Weird War Tales” and “The Warlord”. Atlas Publishers offers titles such as “The Phoenix Protector” and “The Cougar”. We sell these in lots of 20 different, and each lot will vary. Supplies are limited.
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