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Near Mint Condition Batman Comic Books- 20 Different
Near Mint Condition Batman Comic Books- 20 Different

The fictional superhero, Batman, first appeared
in a 1939 comic series published by Detective
Comics, the future DC Comics. The character
was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill
Finger. Originally named the "Bat-Man", the
character has also referred to by such epithets as
the “Caped Crusader”, the “Dark Knight” and
the “World's Greatest Detective” over the
decades. Batman’s secret identity was that of
American billionaire, playboy and philanthropist
Bruce Wayne. As a child, Bruce witnessed
the murder of his parents, thus driving him to
swear vengeance against all criminals tempered
with a sense of justice. Training himself physically
and intellectually, he crafted a bat-inspired
personal to fight crime in Gotham City armed
with no actual superpowers, only his genius, detective
skills, physical prowess, vast wealth and
charm. We offer a set of 20 different near mint
condition comic books, published from 1989 to
the early 1990’s. Supplies are limited.
Our Lowest Price: $19.50

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