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Ticket from Confederate Presidential Election of 1861
1861 confederate ticket from presidential election

The Confederate Presidential Election of 1861 was the first and only presidential election held in the Confederate States of America.  Provisional President Jefferson Davis was elected to a six-year term (February 22, 1862 to February 22, 1868) as the first president of the C.S.A., receiving 47,057 popular votes (97%).  He carried all eleven Confederate states and received 109 electoral votes.  From this very historic period in our nation’s past, we offer these genuine electoral tickets promoting Jefferson Davis of Mississippi for President and Alexander H. Stephens for Vice President.  Each electoral ticket lists the electors for the state at large and for each congressional district.  Each ticket is also signed in ink or in pencil on the reverse by a rebel voter, indicating that it was actually taken to a polling place and cast as a ballot on election day!  We offer two different styles of electoral tickets (ballots), both printed on newsprint.  The first is white in color and measures approximately 4.25” x 5”.  The second is blue in color and measures approximately 3.75” x 5.5”.  We have an extremely limited quantity of these historic electoral tickets (ballots), so don’t delay your order!  The condition is fairly nice, considering that they are over 150 years old!
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